My love of wildlife began in the garden when I rescued worms and snails my mum uncovered as she worked. Now I spend nearly all my time learning about the natural world. I have a particular passion for British birds, but I’m also really interested in untangling the enigma that is the fungi kingdom.

What I love most about photography is the ability to capture a moment in time that nobody can ever replicate exactly. It connects me with nature and allows me to show others what I love so much about it.

In many ways it’s true what they say; a picture speaks a thousand words. For me though, sharing an experience in nature is about more than just a picture. It’s about describing the motivation to take that picture, why it’s so special. With photos, we can see the world. With words, we can appreciate what the world means to different people.

My name is Rebecca Gibson and I study Wildlife Media at the University of Cumbria. Following my degree, I want to continue capturing the natural world on camera and telling the stories behind my photos. I aim to share these stories with others to entertain fellow naturalists and encourage a greater involvement in wildlife.

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